HTML5 Ad Validator

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I preview an HTML5 ad?

  1. Preview an HTML5 ad by uploading an HTML5 zip file
  2. View a live ad preview, images of each frame, and a video of the ad
  3. View network timelines, load times, file sizes, and more to ensure ads are compliant
  4. Share with clients and get feedback

What is an HTML5 ad?

HTML5 ads are similar to HTML ad tags, but they come packaged as a zip file that includes all of the assets needed for the ad.
They are often visually appealing, highly animated, and interactive ads. HTML5 ads can also range in size to support desktop and mobile web.

Just like third-party HTML ad tags, HTML5 ads often have poor load performance because they contain fetch multiple files from different places, so it's crucial to test your HTML5 ads and optimize their files.